buy hisense 1.5hp ac

  • 180,200.00

    Hisense 1.5HP Split AC Copper R410



    The AC uses a tropical compressor‎,‎ which enables powerful cooling with reliable operation‎.‎ It has newly designed motor and resonator for strong performance in extreme hot conditions of up to 60 degrees.‎


    The Jet cool function allows quick cooling‎.‎ In this mode‎,‎ strong‎,‎ cool air is blown at high speed for 30 minutes‎,‎ until the room temperature reaches 18 degrees C.


    The Outdoor Heat Exchanger is coated with a gold anti‎‐corrosion epoxy treatment on the copper coil to prevent corrosion‎.‎ This maintains excellent heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time‎.‎

    LVS ‎(‎low voltage startability‎)‎

    Multi stage tropical compressor

    Jet Cool‎,‎ Auto restart

    35% bigger engine

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