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Size (W x H x D) mm – Main 360 X 58 X 298.5
Size (W x H x D) mm – Front Speaker 250x1100x250
Size (W x H x D) mm – Center Speaker 260x93x73
Size (W x H x D) mm – Rear Speaker 88x122x81
Size (W x H x D) mm – Subwoofer 191x386x318
Size (W x H x D) mm – Freight (20ft/40ft/40ft HC) 234/480/560
CH 5.1
POWER OUTPUT – Total 1000W
THD 10% – Front L/R 167WX2
(3Ω:sat/3Ω:subwoofer) – Center 167W
(3Ω:sat/3Ω:subwoofer) – Surround L/R 167WX2
(3Ω:sat/3Ω:subwoofer) – Sub-Woofer 167W(Passive)
Design (Mainset)
Uni-body (Tray) Yes
Top & Bottom cabinet (Tray) Yes
Front & Rear cabinet (tray) Yes
3D compatibility
3D / 2D Yes / Yes
2D to 3D converting (Video) Yes
Wired (Ethernet) Yes
Wi-Fi Built-in Yes
Wi-Fi direct Yes
MiracastTM Yes
Multi Room Yes
Google Cast Yes
Wake On LAN Yes
DLNA(Smart Share) – DMP/ DMR(Mobile to TV Streaming)/ DMS(USB) Yes
LG Smart TV
Premium Contents – CP Yes
Premium Contents – Ultra Violet Yes
LG Apps Yes
LG Cloud Yes
Full Browser – Flash 10 / HTML 5 support Yes
All-in-One Search – CP/ Apps/ WEB/ External Memory/ Auto Text Yes
Home Menu
Cre-editable Yes
Home Dashboard Yes
Home Menu Yes
In & Out
Front – Display FLD
Front – USB 1
Front – Mic – Mic In(φ6.3) 2
Front – Audio In – Portable In Yes
R/Panel – Video Out – Composite Yes
R/Panel – Video Out – Component Yes
R/Panel – Audio Input – Audio L/R Yes
R/Panel – Audio Input – Optical 1
R/Panel – HDMI – Out 1
R/Panel – HDMI – Input Yes
R/Panel – Radio Antenna – FM Yes
R/Panel – Ethernet – RJ45 Yes
R/Panel – USB Yes
R/Panel – Wireless speaker Tx dongle Yes
R/Panel – Speaker Terminal – Composing of channel 5.1
R/Panel – Speaker Terminal – Terminal Type Push in (Spring)
Multi-tasking Yes
Smart phone remote App Yes
Smart phone remote App – Sound Privacy Yes
Smart phone remote App – ASC Yes
Auto Volume Level Yes
Magic Remote Control Yes
Instant tray open – Booting Time Yes
Warm booting Yes
Booting Time Yes
Loading Time Yes
Firmware update by network Yes
Speaker Level Trim Yes
Speaker Distance (channel delay) Yes
Test Tone Yes
Mute Yes
A/V Sync Delay(Audio Delay) Yes
Dimmer Yes
Sleep Yes
Volume on TV Yes
USB Direct Recording Yes
External HDD Playback Yes
TV Sound (direct key) / TV Sound connect (Auto PWR on/off by optical) Yes / Yes
Dynamic Range Control – On/Off Yes
Meta Data Showing – GraceNote (CD/Streaming/File) Yes
Progress Bar Yes
Cinema zoom Yes
Thumbnail – Movie/Photo Yes
Wireless Speaker – 1:3 Speaker Built-in Type (Front / Subwoofer) Yes
(Tx dongle Type) – 1:2 Speaker Built-in Type (Rear) Yes
(Tx dongle Type) – 1:1 Rx module Type (Wireless Kit for rear) Yes
(Tx dongle Type) – 1:1 Rx + Wireless Sub-woofer (3ch wireless) Yes
(Tx dongle Type) – 1:1 RX for Subwoofer Yes
Bluetooth (Rx / Tx) Yes / Yes
Karaoke – Mic Volume / Echo Volume Yes
Karaoke – Fanfare Yes
Karaoke – Scoring Yes
Karaoke – Real Time Scoring Yes
Karaoke – Howlling Canceller Yes
Karaoke – CD Voice Remover Yes
Sound DSP
Disc & AV Format
Playable – BD-ROM Yes
Disc Type – BD-R Yes
Disc Type – BD-RE Yes
Disc Type – Hybrid Disc (BD+DVD) Yes
Disc Type – DVD(NTSC) Yes
Disc Type – DVD(PAL) Yes
Disc Type – DVD-R Yes
Disc Type – DVD-RW(Video/VR Mode) Yes / Yes
Disc Type – DVD+R Yes
Disc Type – DVD+RW(Video mode) Yes
Disc Type – DVD-RAM Yes
Disc Type – DVD-Audio Yes
Disc Type – Video CD/Super VCD Yes / Yes
Disc Type – Audio CD Yes
Disc Type – DTS-CD Yes
Disc Type – SACD Yes
Disc Type – CD-R/CD-RW Yes
Video Format – MPEG2 Yes
Video Format – MPEG4 AVC (H.264) Yes
Video Format – SMPTE VC1 (VC-9) Yes
Video Format – DivX Yes
Video Format – DivX HD Yes
Video Format – XvId Yes
Video Format – MKV Yes
Video Format – AVC Rec Yes
Video Format – AVCHD Yes
Video Format – M4V Yes
Video Format – RMVB Yes
Video Format – WMV Yes
Video Format – FLV Yes
Video Format – 3GP Yes
Video Format – MPEG-1 Yes
Video Format – K3G Yes
Video Format – MP4 Yes
Video Format – MOV Yes
Video Format – VOB Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – LPCM LPCM
Audio Format (Decoding) – Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – Dolby Digital Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – Dolby Digital Plus Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – Dolby TrueHD Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – DTS Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – DTS-HD High Resolution Audio Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – DTS-HD Master Audio Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – DTS2.0+Digital Out Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – MPEG 1/2 L2 Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – MP3 – ID3 Tag Yes / Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – FLAC Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – WMA Yes
Audio Format (Decoding) – AAC Yes
Graphics / Subtitle Format 2bit / 8bit Sub-picture
Text-based Subtitle
Video – GUI/ Menu – Language Option
Features – Video DAC 148MHZ / 12bit
Features – NTSC/PAL Hz 60Hz / 50Hz
Features – NTSC/PAL Hz – Resolution upto 1080p 24 / 60Hz
Features – VBI – WSS/CGMS-A/Closed Caption/Macrovsion Yes
Features – NTSC⇔PAL Conversion Yes
Features – HDMI 1.4 Yes
Features – ARC Yes
Features – Deep Colour Yes
Features – xvYCC Yes
Features – Last Scene memory Yes
Features – Photo Zoom Yes
Features – Video Enhancement Yes
Disc (BD, DVD, CD) Playback Specification
Screen Saver Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Parental Lock Yes
Initial logo Yes
BD – MHP-Like Interactivity Yes
BD – Simultaneous Playback of HD & SD Video Drip Yes
BD – BD ROM profile Yes
BD – Still Picture Yes
BD – Digital Cinema 4K upscaling Yes
DVD – 1080p Upscaling Yes
Trick Play – Fast Forward – BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Trick Play – Fast Back – BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Trick Play – Forword Slow – BD, DVD(-VR) Yes
Trick Play – Reverse Slow Yes
Trick Play – Pause – BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Trick Play – Pause – Forward Step – BD, DVD(-VR) Yes
Trick Play – Pause – Reverse Step Yes
Search – Title/Track – DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Search – Chapter – DVD(-VR) Yes
Search – Time – DVD(-VR) Yes
Repeat Play – Title/Track – HDMV, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Repeat Play – Chapter – HDMV, DVD(-VR) Yes
Repeat Play – A-B – HDMV, DVD(-VR) Yes
Resume Stop – DVD(-VR), CD-DA,MP3/WMA Yes
Play Mode – Program – DVD(-VR), CD-DA,MP3/WMA Yes
Play Mode – Random – CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Marker Search – 9 Points – HDMV, DVD(-VR) Yes
Marker Play – CD-DA, MP3/WMA Yes
Power – SMPS Option
Power – Power Off Consumption 0.465W ↓
Power – Power Consumption TBD
Radio – Tuner Type PLL
Radio – Tuning Up/Down Yes
Radio – Preset Up/Down Yes
Radio – Band – FM / FM(RDS) / AM Yes / Yes / Yes
Radio – Preset Memory 50 Station
Radio – RDS (PS, PTY, CT, RT) Yes
Including Speaker – Front – Model Name S67T2-S
Including Speaker – Front – SPL 81dB
Including Speaker – Front – System Closed Type
Including Speaker – Front – Woofer Unit 3″ Paper
Including Speaker – Front – Impedance
Including Speaker – Front – Magnetic Shielding Non-Shielded
Including Speaker – Rear – Model Name S67S2-S
Including Speaker – Rear – SPL 81dB
Including Speaker – Rear – System Closed Type
Including Speaker – Rear – Woofer Unit 3″ Paper
Including Speaker – Rear – Impedance
Including Speaker – Rear – Magnetic Shielding Non-Shielded
Including Speaker – Center – Model Name S67T2-C
Including Speaker – Center – SPL 79.0dB
Including Speaker – Center – System Closed Type
Including Speaker – Center – Woofer Unit 3″ Paper
Including Speaker – Center – Impedance
Including Speaker – Center – Magnetic Shielding Non-Shielded
Including Speaker – Subwoofer – Model Name S67T2-W
Including Speaker – Subwoofer – SPL 83dB
Including Speaker – Subwoofer – System Bass Reflex
Including Speaker – Subwoofer – Woofer Unit 7″ Paper
Including Speaker – Subwoofer – Impedance 3Ω
Including Speaker – Subwoofer – Magnetic Shielding Non-Shield
Including Speaker – Rear Wireless Kit – Name Yes
Feature List Accessory Kit
Instruction Manual Printing Book
Instruction Manual – Simple Manual Yes
Remote Control Unit – Type LA1
Remote Control Unit – MBR Yes
Remote Control Unit – Unified Yes
Remote Control Unit – Battery(Size) AAA x 2
Batteries (Remote Controller) Yes
FM / AM Antenna Yes / Yes
Speaker Cable Yes (5EA)
Warranty Card Yes
RCA Code(Audio), Red/White, 2P Yes
RCA Code(Video), Yellow, 1P Yes
Component Video Cable Yes
RCA to Scart Jack Cable Yes
Portable In Cable Yes
HDMI Cable Yes
Wireless Rx Kit Yes
Microphone (Karaoke) Yes
A3DSC Mic Yes
Song Book Yes
Song Disc Yes
DLNA Set-up Disc Yes
Optical Cable Yes
Wall Mount Bracket Yes
Carton Box Type – Tip on, Offset, Flexo Tip on
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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 25 × 36 × 110 cm


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