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BUYER SECURITY is a subsidiary of LU GOLD INTEGRATED CONCEPT LTD. A Nigerian Company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC Number 1083470 on the 10th Day of December, 2012.

Security is our number one priority. All on-line transactions are sent through our secure server and encrypted with 256-bit technology. Once we receive your information through the internet, only trusted, authorized employees will process the payment to make sure your information is handled with the utmost level of security.


All payments made by bank transfer must be paid to one of the Corporate BANK Accounts belonging to LU GOLD INTEGRATED CONCEPT LTD.  

We do not accept payments made into the accounts of sales reps or affiliates and do not advise any customer to make payments into any account (either sales rep or brand) aside those provided during the checkout process.

Once a payment is made, customers should please allow a maximum of 1 hour for their payment to be processed and paired with their order.

A stamped receipt of payment is automatically generated along with evidence of receipt from the beneficiary bank as undeniable evidence that the customer has made payment for their order.


Customers are expected to place their orders online before proceeding to a pick-up centre for a cash payment. At the pick-up centre the customer is to present their invoice to the Warehouse Manager/ Sales Rep/ Store Manager on duty and they will be directed to the cashier to make their payment. Customers can pick up their items immediately and are provided with an Invoice, Delivery Note & Receipt.